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Each time Jayson Werth gets a hit, I follow it up with a, “Please don’t trade him,” and today I got called out.  But I had to explain myself.  He is an important part of the team, and the whole big deal about this Phillies team is that they’re in it together, and that’s why they win.  I likened the Phillies to the cast of Friends, incomplete without each other.  Debate ensued until we arrived at this list:

  1. Ryan Howard = Rachel – The one who’s the star, and a little high maintenance.
  2. J.Roll = Joey – The one who could have a spinoff.  Also, funny (see here).
  3. Chase Utley = Monica – The one who is underrated, though you can’t quite figure out why.
  4. Victorino = Ross – The one who is just a nice guy.
  5. Chooch = Chandler – The one who you keep coming back to.  He’s always there for you.
  6. Werth = Pheobe – The one who’s a little out there (see here).

“This would not be a good day to explain how baseball works to someone from Mars.”